The objectives of HAPPY BONES project are the following:

To develop and promote an innovative osteoporosis exercise protocol for osteopenic/ osteoporotic sedentary women aged 50-65 to involve them in a moderate exercise and as a consequence, to increase their quality of life (in physiological and psychological terms

To train teachers and experts in physical education with specific skills in the participating countries in order to standardize the osteoporosis exercise protocol and make it transferable and replicable also in other contexts and countries. The training will be organized using the train the trainers methodology in order to trigger a cascade effect and involve more operators in the sector

To compare the drop out and the adherence to the training protocol in the two different environments (workplace and Sport Association) in order to understand wich is the best solution to promote regular physical activity. By adhering to the project, the employer gets involved in the health of its employees and at the same time, adopts measures to reduce the indirect costs generated by the hours of absence caused by the possible risks due to pathology